rethink manufacturing

rethink manufacturing


from 3d printing to additive manufacturing.

we believe in the future of additive manufacturing not only as a technology for prototyping and the making of one-of-a-kind samples, but also for the production of high performance end-use parts and products. the benefits can be substantial: ranging from improved design and functionality to cost savings and shorter time to market.

the time has come for the industrialization of 3d printing.

go additive

AM will do to conventional manufacturing what the internet did to retail.

don´t know how to get started? which technology to choose?

with our extensive expertise in additive manufacturing, we help our customers to rethink their manufacturing processes, integrate AM into their value chain and develop solutions such as digital inventories and print on demand.

industrialize am

start small, scale fast.

we don´t only provide advice. scaling additive manufacturing is easier said than done. so, if required, we´ll provide the necessary production capacities through our partner network. cloud AM, so to say.

need part screenings? looking for outsourcing solutions for your AM spare parts management? let us know what series3d can do for you.


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