AM will do to traditional manufacturing what the internet did to retail.

Do you know the strategic impact of 3d printing on your industry? Can industrial 3d printing give your business a competitive advantage?

With our extensive expertise in Additive Manufacturing, we help our customers to rethink their manufacturing processes, identify possible 3d printing opportunities and integrate AM into their value chain. And we are doing it independently of any printer, material or software manufacturer - we work for you.



Portfolio Analysis

Detect risks and find value enhancing opportunities.

A company's competitive advantage depends significantly on its ability to innovate. This holds especially true in industrialized western countries. And one important aspect is to handle emerging technologies right - like Additive Manufacturing.

A strategic portfolio analysis - i.e. in the context of an operational due diligence - offers valuable insights. Does Additive Manufacturing hold opportunities for growth - or does it threaten the business model? Is the company aware of risks and potentials - and on track to leverage the technology?



Technology Impact Assessment

Additive Manufacturing technologies will change many industries. What exactly does that mean for your business? What are your competitors doing? Where are the opportunities, where the risks?

Our Technology Impact Assessment is an extensive study, in which we'll give you a clear picture of the possible impacts of AM on your industry and your business in particular. We'll do an in-depth analysis of your company and product portfolio, we'll identify parts suitable for AM, review best practice examples and propose possible courses of action.




New Business Models

Component production in low cost countries, centralized assembly, worldwide distribution: what was state-of-the-art yesterday might soon be a thing of the past.

It is still a long way until manufacturing companies will choose to focus on R&D and marketing, and leave production and fulfillment to AM service providers all over the world, next door to their customer. But a growing number of businesses are looking into this and many other opportunities to improve profitability and bolster competitiveness with Additive Manufacturing.

Sounds interesting? Let's talk about how your business can benefit from AM!