Rethink Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is on the verge of being widely adopted in industrial production. Setting up your own AM machines can increase efficiency in your value chain - external AM service providers can achieve significant economies of scale. What’s the right strategy for you?

What’s certain: having access to reliable, cost-effective production capacities is a plus. We have this advantage - and therefore, so do you. 

Our growing network of cooperation partners across Europe and Turkey is ready to print your parts on state-of-the-art industrial AM machines.

Cloud AM, so to say – no upfront investment required!

Challenge us and request a quote today!


A word on quality

Not only the raw materials used to manufacture a product matter, but also the machinery used in the process. This is especially true in Additive Manufacturing, because defects can be printed into the part, invisible from outside. At series3d, all parts are made on industrial machines of Stratasys, EOS or HP - unless otherwise agreed upon.


Materials and Technology 

We focus on the materials and printing technologies best suited for industrial, end-use applications: engineering grade and high performance thermoplastics like PEI / ULTEM 9085, processed via extrusion or laser sintering, and metals (SLM).

But we’ll be happy to provide any technology needed to get your parts done right - as we are completely independent of printer or material manufacturers, and do not own any printers we need to keep busy - no strings attached.